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Back04 January 2018

Does a Reduced IT Team Increase Your Exposure to Cybercrime?

According to a recent article in the UK’s Guardian, cybersecurity professionals are calling for better education and improved apprentice schemes after saying a shortfall of staff in the sector is leaving companies exposed to hacker attacks.

Maybe this article rings alarm bells for your business... Maybe your IT team isn’t up to full strength, or maybe you’re being forced to make cutbacks. Either way, reduced personnel could leave your network exposed to downtime or cyberattacks.

Whatever the size of the team, Netcelero is an essential tool they need in their arsenal. Not only does this cloud and hardware solution ensure you have robust connectivity at every site, it also includes powerful, flexible firewall software – closing the back door of every connected device in your network. And Netcelero helps your IT professionals to work smarter too. The virtual pathway it gives them, together with real-time remote analytics, enables them to manage data usage, reboot devices anywhere, prevent downtime and much more – all from HQ – reducing the need for to get them on the road to fix issues. With Netcelero, your existing team can do more remotely.

Talk to Netcelero’s friendly and knowledgeable technical sales team about a free trial and see how you can empower your IT team and protect your network, all with one simple solution.

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