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Back18 JULY 2017

Nation-State Hackers Expose Unmanned Electrical Substations as a Weak Link

The UK energy sector is likely to have been targeted and probably compromised by nation-state hackers, according to a memo from Britain’s National Cybersecurity Centre, as reported by The Guardian online earlier today.

In summary, the energy sector is potentially susceptible to hackers because in order to achieve national coverage, it relies on unmanned electrical substations – and it’s these substations that can be the weakest links in an energy company’s network.

But, thanks to Netcelero there is an easy and affordable fix that’s especially useful to protect these remote structures. By delivering secure, robust connectivity from existing connections – including just 4G – Netcelero could enable every one of these substations to be securely connected back to HQ. This makes Netcelero not only affordable but easy to deploy, even to the remotest locations. Netcelero’s cloud solution includes a powerful firewall that will encrypt all traffic back to HQ. The unique connectivity dashboard provides real-time analytics data and instant alerts to possible problems, enabling fast action to a possible threat. Not only that, Netcelero’s ‘click to deploy’ VPN functionality allows remote users on desktops, phones etc to connect securely to a site.

The 5Ghz band is less congested and you will get more speed and stable connections. It offers non-overlapping 23 channels (20MhZ). But the shorter waves used by this band makes it less able to penetrate through solid walls or objects. And yes, you might have options to improve this range by using Wi-Fi extenders and all but again it’s another investment.

If you are using a dual or tri-band router, you will have the option to use both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, and you can choose the band according to your connecting devices and the range requirements. If the router supports only one band, that’s just your only choice. The 2.4Ghz is the most common band and most of the Wi-Fi devices works well on this band.

With Netcelero’s 3000 Series, cyber security doesn’t need to cost more than what you’re protecting. Visit to find out more.

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