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Back22 December 2017

Lock Out: The Austrian Hotel That Was Hacked Four Times

Reports of the threats presented by the internet of things (IoT) come in thick and fast with another article from the BBC about an Austrian hotel whose electronic door locks and other systems were hacked for ransom four times, between December 2016 and January 2017.

Ransomware was hidden in a bill from Telekon Austria. His hotel's door keys became unusable after he clicked on a link to his bill. So was his hard drive. This was all thanks to an absence of a firewall and up to date antivirus software. Something that could not have happened with Netcelero installed in their network.

As the hotel owner pointed out, “Actually, as a small business you do not really think that anybody's interested in you for hacking, so we had no plan what to do". With Netcelero, you’ll have a plan. No matter how small your business is, take away the risk by talking to our friendly and knowledgeable technical sales team today.

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