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Back22 JUNE 2017

Protecting Against Devastating Malware Such as the ‘Industroyer’ Virus is Easier Than You Think

When a hacking attack caused a blackout in Kiev, Ukraine, security researchers warned that the malware that was used in the attack would be “easy” to convert to cripple infrastructure in other nations. This article from The Guardian shines a light on this worrying threat, but thanks to Netcelero there is an easy and affordable fix that’s especially useful to protect structures such as unmanned electrical substations.

By delivering secure, robust connectivity from existing connections – including just 4G – Netcelero could enable every one of these substations to be securely connected back to HQ. This makes Netcelero not only affordable but easy to deploy, even to the remotest locations. Netcelero’s cloud solution includes a powerful firewall that will encrypt all traffic back to HQ. The unique connectivity dashboard provides real-time analytics data and instant alerts to possible problems, enabling fast action to a possible threat. Not only that, Netcelero’s ‘click to deploy’ VPN functionality allows remote users on desktops, phones etc. to connect securely to a site.

With Netcelero’s 3000 Series, cyber security doesn’t need to cost more than what you’re protecting. Visit to find out more.

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