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Back 14 AUGUST 2017

Netcelero Enables You to Safely Protect IP Cameras

As the popularity of the internet of Things (IoT) grows, so too do reports in the media about the risks of buying cheap IP cameras. If not installed correctly these cameras can be hacked, leading to major security issues, malware and illegal use of your cameras as malicious bots.

These articles are correct. Insufficiently secured (i.e. cyber secured) IP cameras can wreak havoc on your network: destroying backups, and stealing customer data to the installation of ransomware. Not only that, you risk indefinite disconnection of your ISP due to your compromised camera attacking sites around the world.

However, this doesn’t mean that you – or your CCTV installer – should not install IP cameras simply because you can’t afford high-end equipment. IP cameras are only insecure when connected to the internet … but if used in a “closed circuit”, they are fine.

That’s where Netcelero comes in. With a Netcelero 3000 Series device, we can “close circuit” your IP cameras to secure them. Not only that, we also provide a secure encrypted method for you to access them. This means you can use your cameras and not worry about them …. Securing both your piece of mind AND your device!

How Does Netcelero Do This?

First, Netcelero’s innovative cloud-based solution, paired with on-site hardware is installed into your network. This protects your cameras by:

  • Creating a separate network for your camera(s) (commonly referred to as a VLAN). Your camera is then setup with an IP address on this VLAN.
  • Blocking all traffic from going to or coming from these devices to any other network either in your home or on to the internet.

A VPN server is configured on the device that allows you to connect to your premises with secured encrypted communication (we can even provide you with a static IP on a cellular network). You can connect with your smart phone, tablet or PC from anywhere, safely and securely to your cameras.

Your camera can now only be accessed via your secure VPN.

Common Questions

Can someone guess my VPN password?

A VPN works with a certificate. The certificate identifies you, only once the certificate is recognised, prompting you for a password. In this scenario, a criminal would have to know both your password and certificate to get in – known as “2 factor authentication”.

If I’m on free Wi-Fi can someone see my camera data?

No. With Netcelero integrated in your network, the VPN encrypts your data from your phone to your house.

Can I also use the VPN to control other devices in my home?

Yes. With Netcelero, it’s easy to set up firewall rules so that you can access other devices.

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